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Services at the White House

Residents at the White House benefit from the following services:

  • Use of communal lounges and facilities
  • Main meals, supper and available snacks
  • Drinks and refreshments provided by the home for any resident
  • Laundry service provided by the home
  • Care and support for daily living provided by staff
  • Medicine administration and management
  • Facilitating access to medical, dental, nursing care and optician


Meals are cooked daily on the premises by our dedicated cook. A choice of menu is available and includes diabetic, vegetarian and ethnic diets.


The service user will have exclusive use of the allocated room which will be treated as far as possible as his or her private space. Service users are welcome to bring to their rooms personal items and any furniture they wish to use which can be safely accommodated in the space.

Telephone Use

We have installed a telephone line for the use of all residents. This is the number you can give your friends and family to call you: 01634 847 258


All our care staff live in the Medway Towns and are familiar with the area, which is a help to residents. There are always care staff available through the night and a senior staff member is always on call. All staff receive training in the home's philosophy and values.

The home is fully committed to staff learning and development. Senior care staff hold Level 3 National Vocational Qualifications in Health and Care and most of the care staff have Level 2 NVQs. Other staff are working towards their NVQs with the aim of having as many qualified staff as possible to fully meet residents' needs, which is also in line with CQC requirements.

Individual Care Plans

The individual resident's agreed plan of care provides the basis on which The White House care service is delivered. Each person's plan includes a description of their preferred daily routine, their likes and dislikes in relation to food and any specific dietary requirements and similar matters. It includes their preferences in respect to how they like to be addressed and what dignity, respect and privacy means to them in terms of daily behaviour and actions.

We find that it is particularly important to find this out in relation to any intimate personal care activities that staff are expected to carry out.

The care plan also contains a risk assessment and any risk management plan needed. It includes details of healthcare needs, nutritional needs, medication, details of GP and any community nursing or other therapeutic services provided or that the resident commissions for her or himself. The service plan also includes details of residents' social interests and activities and how these are met, and any arrangements to attend religious services of their choice and for contact with relatives, friends and representatives.

Each resident is allocated a member of the care staff to act as a key worker. Key workers are responsible for monitoring, reviewing and co-ordinating the service plans for of their residents. Their duties include preparing residents, and gathering information, for their reviews. Key workers are offered regular supervision by senior carers, manager and service providers who share responsibilities for chairing reviews and for communicating with outside professionals, who may also be involved with particular residents.

The daily care programme is organised as a response to residents' individual and combined needs. All mealtimes are flexible, and residents can arrange to have their meals in their own rooms or in the dining room. Our communal areas are divided into two lounges. One quiet, for reading or for meeting and talking to people and the other for listening to music or watching the TV. This provides choice and reflects residents' interests.


In our home, we encourage a socially active lifestyle to promote a stimulating environment for residents. Increased mental stimulation encourages healthy active minds and help maintain as much independence and enjoyment of life as possible. Entertainment offers an ideal therapeutic opportunity for all our residents.

Our activities include:

  • Coffee mornings
  • Board & Card Games
  • Dominoes
  • Bingo
  • Quizzes
  • Reminiscence
  • Alternative Therapy Sessions
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Dog Therapy
  • Local Community Church Visits
  • Professional Live Singer
  • Motivation Classes
  • Painting
  • Gardening

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